Best Sleep Trackers for Flawless Sleeping Experience

Best Sleep Trackers for Flawless Sleeping Experience

Best Sleep Trackers: It’s proven, sleep is the most crucial factor for a better health. The National Sleep Foundation recommends people between the ages 26 and 64 to sleep from seven to nine hours each night. However the fact is, 35 percent of us get less than that. The busy lifestyle, long work hours and increasing stress all result in sleepless nights, resulting more people suffering from bad health conditions across the world.

Of course, technology has a lot of side effects on our sleeping habits, but technology can also help you better spieling experience. We found the best sleep trackers to help you enjoy the better sleeping experience.

SleepScore Labs SleepScore Max

Unlike other sleep trackers that need to be worn on your body, the SleepScore Labs SleepScore Max is able to track your sleep from afar. This device comes embedded with a motion sensor along with temperature and light sensors. This device can easily track your sleep throughout the night from 1.3 to 3.9 feet away. This device also uses ultra-low power radio waves to see you breathe and move.

The best thing about this device is that it will not track sleep of your bed partner as long as a distance of more than 3.9 feet is maintained. The SleepScore Labs SleepScore Max has been tested and has been found to be very accurate, easily tracking time awake, deep sleep and REM.

Fitbit Flex 2

Another great device among the best fitness trackers is the Flex 2, a basic fitness tracker designed to keep tabs on your daily physical activity steps, including swimming.Fitbit Flex 2 is also one of the best fitness devices, helping people to stay fit while keeping a tab on their calories burnt. In addition to it, this also tracks sleep and includes a silent alarm that helps you wake you up in the morning so you never miss your morning workout. It will automatically sense when you doze off and will keep an eye on your sleep patterns throughout the night and also record how long you slept and when you were restless or awake.

Nokia Steel

Steal by Nokia is similar to the Fitbit Flex 2. The Steel tracks your daily activities like steps, swimming and sleep. The better thing about Steel is that it looks much better and comes with better battery life. The Steel’s appearance is what you’ll notice first than its features, which are no less than impressive to other gadgets in the market. This comes with a round face with analogue hands for a classic wristwatch look.Its replaceable battery would easily last up to eight months with a single charge.

Under Armour Recovery Sleepwear

Another one of the best sleep trackers in the list is Under Armour recovery Sleepwear that comes with an advanced far infrared therapy to help your body recover faster. The Under Armour Recovery Sleepwear has been tested by the experts who also suggested that far infrared can improve both recovery time and sleep quality. Each garment by the brand comes with a bioceramic print that absorbs natural heat and reflects it back as far infrared. This all results in giving your body a nighttime boost.


SleepIQ Kids

Better sleep is equally important for the kids just as the grown-ups. And nothing works better for a perfect sleep than a quality mattress. And here comes the Sleep Number’s SleepIQ Kids mattress that is designed to be adjusted for added comfort, making it one of the best sleep trackers. This results in better sleep without health issues. The SleepIQ knows when your kids are asleep and the time they woke up. With this, you know how to help your kids sleep better or know when it’s time to get breakfast ready in the morning.

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