Best smart home gadgets 2018: The gadgets anyone can use

Best smart home gadgets 2018

The smart home technology doesn’t need to be too smart that it gets limited to a particular age group. The children and the aged people hardly know about the technology, so does this mean the smart home technology is not for them? No! Here at Tecraze, we aim to make things and life easier for you and hence have compiled a list of the top smart home equipment 2018 all the family can use.

Let’s explore the list of the top smart home gadgets 2018 anyone can use:

Philips Hue Go

Philips Hue Go

Every member in the family would need light. So is the aim of Philips Hue Go light as anyone in the family can make use of this smart light that sits by your bed or anywhere else you like. This smart light will provide a host of different colors or patterns to suit your tastes. Whether you need a nightlight or a desk lamp, it can do anything for you. And guess what, the Philips Hue Go can cycle 16 million colors through – enough for even the choosiest of teenagers or toddlers.

As usual with Hue gear, it can be easily managed with a smartphone app.

Sonos One


No matter what age group you belong to, you’d probably enjoy listening to music and your parents and kids will too. And even if you don’t all share the same tastes, Sonos One has the advantage of being among the best smart home gadgets 2018. It comes with built-in Alexa and is capable of delivering reports and news bulletins. You can do almost everything with it – order pizzas and cabs, and much more besides, courtesy of Amazon’s digital assistant.

Whatever your needs, simply control it with the smartphone app. This is a brilliant gadget that the whole family will love to make use of.

Anki Cozmo Robot

Anki Cozmo Robot

Don’t get confused with the name – it’s not a robot for kids. The Anki Cozmo Robot is a great fun for both the kids and the adults as well. The Cozmo robot can roam around the house on its own, accompany you in communication and can recognize who it’s talking to. It comes with the built-in AI smarts, allowing it to play music and keep the children entertained with a variety of games.

And you can easily control it with the smartphone app. Also, it’s very good for the education purposes too as it can be used to teach your kids to code.

August Smart Lock

August smart lock

The security of home has been the most common problem among the global people. And the lost keys have long been the matter of concern. Thanks to the advanced technology, lost keys and secure access to your homes is no longer a problem as the August Smart Lock has solved it. This device allows you to control door locks remotely so you can allow access to your parents, kids or anyone you want to with just the tap of an app, making it one of the best smart home gadgets 2018.

With August Smart Lock, you need not to worry about securing the duplicate keys or lost keys as it can be operated right with the smartphone app.

Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon Echo Spot

Don’t go with the cute look of Amazon Echo Spot as it is a robust and the smartest member of the Echo family. The small screen makes it a great table alarm clock, but it can do a lot more than it. It can easily show videos and weather icons at a push. Also, you can enjoy video calls and watch movies on this small yet powerful smart home gadget.

The Spot is so simple to set up and operate anyone can enjoy using it. The Echo Spot is a fantastic smart home gadget for you or the kids.

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