Apple has been in the news for quite a long time. Whether it’s about the latest updates, battery replacements or the new launches, we have something to hear about Apple every day. But, here’s something the iPhone owners would be glad at. Apple announces to provide free iPhone replacement — especially if your phone is on the fritz.

The damaged iPhone 6 Plus devices may qualify for an upgrade to an iPhone 6S Plus, so don’t give up on it just yet.

According to the internal Apple mem, iPhone 6 Plus owners who qualify for a whole-device replacement can get a new iPhone 6S Plus.

However, the Apple itself has not clarified about which iPhone 6 Plus models are eligible for the free upgrade. Experts claim that the replacement relates to the company’s current shortage of iPhone 6 Plus battery replacements.

So, if you have an old iPhone 6 Plus with defective hardware, you are likely to get a whole new and shining iPhone 6S plus under the free upgrade program.

Following the current iPhone battery shortage, Apple is said to be facing great supply shortage for the batteries to be replaced in iPhone 6 Plus devices. Another internal document reportedly that the batteries are in short supply and will not be available until March 2018 in the United States and other regions.

On the other hands, the battery replacements for the other devices including iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone SE are reported to be available in stock and you need not to wait any longer in order to get your battery replacement for upper models.

So, if you have the faulty iPhone 6 Plus and want to get the iPhone replacement for free get with the upper model i.e. iPhone 6S Plus, make Bar appointment or reach out to your local authorized Apple Store and you may could walk out with a free upgrade to the iPhone 6S Plus.

According to an internal Apple document distributed to Apple Authorized Service Providers explains the new policy. However, there’s no enough iPhone 6 Plus stock to go around for whole-device replacements. It is worth noting that the Apple isn’t selling any iPhone 6 version in its stores, though some carriers still do.

It is noted by MacRumors that Apple can replace the battery, display, rear camera, speakers, or Taptic Engine in stores. However, other repairs may need while-device replacement. Wondering if your device is eligible to total iPhone replacement? Well, you’re no longer required to wait as you can simply visit the local Authorized Apple Store to get it checked for free.


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