Future transport : Fly Without Fuel with This Drone-Like Electric Hybrid ‘Octocopter’

Fly Without Fuel with This Drone-Like Electric Hybrid Octocopter

Have you ever thought to own your personal helicopter or future transport to fly to your desired location without worrying about the fuel and maintenance costs? Well, the time has come as “The SureFly” is the most efficient, effective and eco-friendly yet affordable way to fly.

The SureFly is a two-seater electric hybrid helicopter or you can call it “octocopter” as this comes with eight propellers. And it’s been successfully approved from the FAA to take a test flight at CES in Las Vegas on Jan. 8.

The manufacturing company earlier partnered with UPS to create a package-delivering drove has achieved another milestone in making drones affordable.

The SureFly has been designed by ‘Workhorse Group, Ohio-based future transport company. It is designed to make flying safer and easier than a typical chopper. You can fly this aircraft just like you have enjoyed flying a drone — via joystick. It can easily carry up to 400 pounds for up to 70 miles at a time. It comes with a compact design making it smaller than a pickup truck. And, its propellers fold to simplify transportation and storage.

It can be used for multiple uses such as personal as well as commercial i.e. agriculture, product delivery and emergency response, surveillance, aerial inspection, etc.

The SureFly was first unveiled during the Paris Air Show in June 2017 and company claims that it is constantly working to receive full FAA certification by next year. If you want this future transport vehicle, it can be totally yours as the pre-order booing is now on and production is intended to begin in 2019. The company is offering $1,000 refundable deposit for interested customers to add themselves to the reservation list.

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