How to Make iPhone Your Partner for Your Strength Training Regimen

How to Make iPhone Your Partner for Your Strength Training Regimen

Strength training is something you can’t do all alone. Either you need a friend or a trainer to support you throughout the program. How about using iPhone accessories as your partner in the strength training? Well, this can be a great support, but because fitness training may not be well-supported on iPhone, there are a few options out there.

We’ll run through the three prime paths:

  • Standard accessories
  • Specialized devices
  • App-based approach

Standard accessories

In this case, standard accessories refer to the majority of wrist-based wearables. Most people may be likely to purchase these accessories on their own as they come with multiple impressive features like notification alerts, tracking distance activities (walking, running, etc.), making payments, or simply telling the time.

Actually, these devices can be decent strength training tools as long as they meet the key requirement of having a heart rate sensor. It is advisable to get the higher-end products like the Apple Watch as they are durable and fully water-resistant. Since the strength training can be touch and rough, it’s much easier to clean a device by wearing it in the shower.

Heart rate tracking may seem superficial at first, but it offers a vital piece of feedback.

Specialized Accessories

There are multiple devices available that do the log weights and count reps for you, like the Atlas Wristband and Beast Sensor. And when they work, they feel like magic. While they are great gadgets to add to your fitness wardrobe, however, include issues like “ghost” reps, cumbersome human interface requirements, and awkward interfaces.


For the beginners, app-only based approach may seem impressive and affordable too. If you are not a professional or a hardcore fitness freak using the iPhone fitness apps can be a great choice. It includes exercise videos, logging tools, and help tweaking workouts to increase weights.

Once you are done with the basic training and want to the next level, you’ll probably want to upgrade to general-purpose apps such as Strong or Stacked, which offer features like timers, preloaded routines and one-rep max (1RM) calculators, etc.

Well using these iPhone accessories as part of your fitness program can be a great choice, but they too have the drawbacks as you will always have to manually enter data, which can become tedious sometimes. Also, you’ll need to carry your device to the gym which might demand a rugged and waterproof case. While some apps are free but the better ones come with subscription fees or one-time in-app purchases to get the most out of them.

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