Is this the end of book reading?

The technology has come a long way in recent years, offering great opportunities for both reading and learning. But, the most common fear among the people is “Is this the end of books?” Nearly 90% people prefer reading news and other informative content online, instead the traditional newspapers.

While many arguments in the debate “Is this the end of books?” are based on various methods, wanted help you understand the topic from the in-depth and hence bring to you some insights of it.

In the past few years, the number of traditional paperback books being borrowed from traditional libraries has gone down by almost 13 million to 287.5 million. And the reasons to the change are quite obvious. Reading the e-books is easier, more convenient, and comfortable than the paperback books that you’d have to keep changing the pages after every few minutes. With the e-book reading products such as Kindle, you’re able to enjoy the reading material in a more convenient way.

The technology has overcome the obstacles people would usually face with reading traditional books. Page turns are fast enough, battery life is long enough, and you can even read during the sunlight. According to the figures, the digital sales now account for 14% of Penguin’s business.

Amazon Takes the Lead!

Apart from offering people the comfort of buying through their personal devices, Amazon seems to be making life a bit more easy as it has launched a service for the popular eReader called Kindle Library Lending. According to the service offered, people can easily visit their local participating library and check out an eBook to read at home.

These e-books come with expiry date as they will eventually expire. However, the reader has the ability to read it all they want and even make digital notes on the margins of the book.

The user can go to the library anytime and their digital notes will be associated with the book again.

Is This the Beginning of the End?

The book reading experience has been greatly impacted with the digital products, allowing people to read easily such as the Kindle. Then an iPad might provide a better experience for the book reading as well as internet browsing and of a computer.

Following the great impact of the technology over the reading habits of people, the authors are also skipping traditional publishers and considering the use of technology to go straight to self-publishing their own e-books or print books.

So, is this the end of books?


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