Proven Tricks to increase Your Instagram Following

Proven Tricks to increase Your Instagram Following

Increase Your Instagram Following: Instagram stands among the leading social media platforms, allowing businesses and people to increase their reach on virtual world. Instagram has recently undergone great changes in the way it operates. And the best thing about the changes is “you can post pictures that aren’t square.” Also, you can like comments, added Instagram stories and has also improved its editing tools and filters.

Well, the changes are not always good, and the Instagram has disabled the ability of many third-party utilities. And they have changed the way their algorithm works, and for many, engagement has been diminishing.

I understand these changes may be making it difficult for some businesses to reach their target audience. So, I sought some tips and tricks from other Instagram experts to help you to increase your Instagram following:

Creative Content

Just like any other digital and social media marketing campaign, creative and original content is the best way to gain a potential follower’s attention. Being appealing to a specific group of people will allow you to get your foot in the door and begin the process of trial and error.

Show That You Care

One small gesture can get things done. Similar is the case with Instagram followers. The small act of following someone back can go a long way. Making an authentic effort to show that you genuinely care about them – matters a lot.


If you have not been living under a big rock for the past few years, you would understand the power of hashtags. Instagram posts with hashtags perform a little better than ones without. In simple words, hashtags do make a difference.

Focus on Educating the Audience

One of the greatest ways to increase Instagram followers is to educate your audience. If they find your content and information to be helpful, they’d love to keep coming for more, even without you reminding them. Don’t be afraid to tell them exactly how they can support you better and how their comments matter to you.

Be Original

Avoid the edited images, but make sure to keep them original that people would like to enjoy. Edited images may seem attractive, but people are smart enough to go for the original ones. Sometimes, black and white is better than color.

Quality Photos

Similar to the quality content, people love quality images as well. Avoid using images that are blur or have less information. After all, you can’t expect someone to like something on social media that they don’t actually like.Take your time, use a high-quality camera if you can and post attractive images.

One Theme Only

Take your time, pick a theme for your account and focus on it.Avoid keep jump all over the place. Make sure your Instagram theme describes your business and interests so people can easily understand what you are offering and why they should follow you.

The above-mentioned are just a handful of the pile of tricks to increase Instagram followers, but we’ve made sure of bringing only the best ones to you.

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