Quick & Intense Fitness Workouts You Can Do In Your Lunch Hour

Quick & Intense Fitness Workouts

Being a hardworking professional means that most of your time is spent either at the office or traveling. The busy schedule leads to the least physical activities, especially which are concentrated at physical fitness, which is why so many working professionals slowly get more and more out of shape over the years.

How about some quick intense fitness workouts that you can do during your working hours – during lunch?

Quick Intense Fitness Workouts

After all, we all are likely to spend the lunchtime at the desk checking our emails or simply chatting with the colleagues. So step out of your workplace for a quick and effective workout session that will take you a step closer to your fitness goal.

The researchers have also suggested that a short blast of intense workout can boost your metabolism and give you the energy for the entire day more effectively than a workout that is slow and steady. The below mentioned quick workouts can have a lasting impact on your physical fitness.

Note: I am not a doctor and these workouts may not be suitable for everyone. Make sure to consult your gym trainer or your physician before you try them.

The Quick Cardio

Go the gym and spend around 20 minutes on running, rowing, cycling, climbing stairs, etc. as fast as you can with no break. Keep an eye on the distance covered and note the distance covered. Try to beat the distance during your next day’s 20 minutes cardio session. Try this and you’ll get addicted to it!

Sprint+Burpee Tabata’s

Sprint+Burpee Tabata’s
Sprint+Burpee Tabata’s

This involves 10 Rounds of:

  • Truck Jump
  • Burpee
  • 5 Switching Lungers
  • 5 Mountain Climbers

This session may be called the next level of intense cardio and will get you out of breath fast and pretty sweaty too. And the results are going to be just amazing. The great thing is that you can do it almost anywhere, gym, the alcove at work, public garden, kitchen, or even on the roof of the workplace since it requires no equipment and not even a lot of space.

We here are going to follow the Tabata Protocol by renowned Japanese researcher, Dr. Izumi Tabata, who has published a number of studies focused on high-intensity interval training. Our workout involves doing two rounds of tabatas. The first step of the workout is sprints, which involves running as hard as you can until the time runs out and it’s followed by burpees, push-up, jumping to your feet, and jumping up. Check the image above for reference.

The Workout:

  1. Spring – 8 sprints of 20 seconds
  2. Break – 2-4 minute rest
  3. Burpee – 8 rounds of 20 seconds


The Seven Minute Circuit

The Seven Minute Circuit
The Seven Minute Circuit

Recently in the NYTimes Well Blog, there was an in-depth post about ‘the seven minutes circuit.’ The circuit was designed to be scalable, and doable without special equipment. I think it’s a great fitness workout you can do almost anywhere. Not only for the beginners, but this is also great for the older folks because it’s pretty low impact. The workout includes 30 seconds of eachexercises mentioned below with 10 sec break:

  • Wall Sit
  • Step onto Chair
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Air Squat
  • High Knees in Place
  • Triceps Dip on Chair
  • Push-Up
  • Push-Up and Rotation
  • Plank Hold
  • Abs Crunch
  • Lunge
  • Side Plank

Total time required in the seven minutes circuit is 14 minutes (2 rounds of 7 minutes).

What’s great about the workout is that you won’t get bored because you are constantly changing to a new movement. You can use the fitness apps to get help about the timing and the list off exercises.

You can make it a part of your routine post-lunch time.


Do not let your lack of time be an excuse not to do what you should do. Keeping your body in a perfect shape is not hard, only if you’re willing to keep that shaped. If you want to meet all your goals like you say you do, you will do what it takes and these workouts can be a great support for it.

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