The best soundbars and soundbases 2018

Best soundbars and soundbases 2018

The technology has made TV viewing an amazing experience. The TVs are no longer the small boxes with the black & white pictures, but they are much bigger than anyone could imagine during the 1980s and the picture quality is crystal clear. But, one side effect of the LED TVs is that the sound quality is not much impressive and hence using the best soundbars 2018 is the only solution.

With the soundbars, it is easy to improve the sound quality and feel the real experience of the movie or anything else you are watching on your TV.

To help you make the better choice of buying the soundbars, we have compiled a list of the best soundbars 2018.

What are the best soundbars 2018?

Q Acoustics M3

Q Acoustics M3

Of course, there are bigger, louder, sexier soundbars available, but the M3 offers absolute simplicity and great sound quality without taking much of your space. This comes with a simple plug & play technology via HDMI. Also, this comes with 3.5mm, Apt-X Bluetooth, and an optical connection for additional sources.

One great thing about M3 is that it is capable to nail all three of the things you want a soundbar to do; Crystal clear sound, exciting and powerful leg-up to movies, and exceptional clout with musical sources.

Sonos Playbase


Another great soubdbar you can buy this year to elevate TV watching experience is the Sonos Playbase. By far, this is the most beautiful soundbar available on the internet. Yes it’s more than twice the price of the Q Acoustics, but you surely get what you pay for. And this soundbar is truly value for your money.

It does a decent job of making even the Poldark’s actors audible. The Sonos Playbase is compatible with its other, multi-room speakers.

Sony HT-ST5000

Sony HT-ST5000

Sony has been the top company when it comes to audio devices and this time it has again made its way among the best soundbars 2018 with the HT-ST5000. This one from Sony is more premium than Sonos’ soundbars and handles more channels too.

The build quality of Sony HT-ST5000 is superb as it comes with fabric cover to complement the hairline finish. On the top of it are up-firing dolby-enabled speakers while the left and right are two gorgeous coaxial speakers with gold-rimmed tweeters.

It offers multiple connectivity features including HDMI, stereo minijack inputs, and plus optical digital audio.

Samsung HW-K950

Samsung HW-K950

If you are a music lover and want to give yourself a give a gift of uncompromised music experience, then Samsung HW-K950 is the best pick you can make. It is a 3.1 system rather than a true one-box soundbar.

It is able to deliver the astounding Dolby Atmos experience from one box. The two small speakers fire forward and backward while the soundbar sits in front of or under your telly, and a subwoofer provides the bottom end.

Yamaha YAS-306

Yamaha YAS-306

Finally, there is a soundbar that performs solo, delivering amazing sound quality. However, since it is impossible for a soundbar to deliver surround sound without the subwoofers, it is priced a bit higher than the usual soundbars.

The YAS-306 from Yamaha not only looks designer, but also is capable of delivering the desired sound quality that you would expect from a quality soundbar. It comes with a dual 7.5cm integrated subwoofers for the next level of music.

The above-mentioned best soundbars 2018 are capable of delivering the amazing sound quality to let you enjoy the movies on LED screens without compromising with the sound.

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