Page Speed Will Be a Crucial Factor in Mobile Search Ranking By July 2018

Are you having a great ranking over mobile search ranking? Make sure your website’s page loading speed is satisfactory as Google has announced a significant change in how it ranks the website on mobile searches. Google referred this change as “Speed Update” and it will be implemented by July 2018. The Google algorithm updates will downrank millions of websites,

Quick & Intense Fitness Workouts You Can Do In Your Lunch Hour

Quick & Intense Fitness Workouts Being a hardworking professional means that most of your time is spent either at the office or traveling. The busy schedule leads to the least physical activities, especially which are concentrated at physical fitness, which is why so many working professionals slowly get more and more out of shape over

Best Sleep Trackers for Flawless Sleeping Experience

Best Sleep Trackers: It’s proven, sleep is the most crucial factor for a better health. The National Sleep Foundation recommends people between the ages 26 and 64 to sleep from seven to nine hours each night. However the fact is, 35 percent of us get less than that. The busy lifestyle, long work hours and increasing

The Top 5 Free Offline Navigation Apps For Android

The Top 5 Free Offline Navigation Apps For Android Planning to explore your dream place with friends on a road trip? Great that seems adventurous. I hope you have got everything with you like extra fuel, video recording camera, packed food, extra mobile batteries. But wait, did you get the best offline navigation apps for android? Of

Best smart home gadgets 2018: The gadgets anyone can use

Best smart home gadgets 2018 The smart home technology doesn’t need to be too smart that it gets limited to a particular age group. The children and the aged people hardly know about the technology, so does this mean the smart home technology is not for them? No! Here at Tecraze, we aim to make

Get Fit This Summer with These best Fitness Apps

We’re done with the Christmas as well as New Year celebrations. Now what? Well, summer is approaching which means it’s time to download your workout buddies in your smartphone. The best fitness apps will help you stay fit without worrying about any side effects for not working out under the guidance of a professional. Tecraze tested out